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8 Quick Ways to Reduce Local Phone Service ChargesDespite all the new and emerging business communications technologies of the 21st century (VoIP, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, Bluetooth, cell phones, blackberries, etc.) the majority of companies in business today still write a check each and every month to a local exchange carrier for a 125 yr. old technology - local phone service - (sometimes referred to as POTS, or "plain old telephone service").Although it may be the same boring set of copper wires that connects to a standard telephone and rings when calls come in, the local phone service portion of your company's
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A telephone answering service business is relatively inexpensive and is a home based business that you can operate without having to leave the comfort of your home. It offers great money making potential and is one the easiest to operate. Any business that relies on the telephone is a potential customer. However, your target market will most likely be small businesses and professionals with a busy schedule that relies on incoming telephone calls yet cannot take these calls themselves during certain periods of the day. Some of the best prospective customers to target are small businesses and/or professionals that operate long or
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"Dropping Calls? Drop your Contract! - Resellular.com can get Consumers out of their Cell Phone Contract without Fees " TEXAS, February 1, 2006 Resellular.com has just made public its new online service which gets cellphone users out of their contracts without having to pay those hefty early termination fees. The service creates an online marketplace for people to post and take over remaining contracts. Resellular, which launched this month, takes advantage of an unadvertised service that almost all cellular providers offer called a "contract transfer". Also known as a "transfer of liability", this service fully transfers the remaining cellphone contract from one person's name to another. Up to this point, most people aware
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Every business can benefit from saving money wherever possible. However, most businesses are unaware of the options that are available from their local phone company that could save hundreds or thousands of dollars per year.Knowing available options and choosing service types that fits your business needs are both critical elements for keeping telecom costs as low as possible.Many business owners, managers and controllers make the mistake that telecom cost savings can be found in big ticket" items such as long-distance service. Choosing the correct local telephone service package is the first and most important step in controlling telecom bills.Three Types
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